The Majestic Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park

In the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture, in Numazu City, known for its delicious fresh fish and sushi, there is a place I love. Today, I’ll introduce a charming spot.

Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park

It’s by the sea, surrounded by pine trees and traditional houses, creating a great vibe.

Numazu Imperial Villa. It was built as a retreat for the former emperor. (The emperor of Japan is called the ‘Tennou’.)

You might feel it’s ‘Kyoto-esque’, but you won’t find pine forests and old mansions by the sea in Kyoto.

That’s because Kyoto doesn’t have a coastline in its center.

This is the entrance to the Numazu Imperial Villa.

To tour, you’ll need to pay 410 yen at the ticket booth in the adjacent building. (The admission fee might increase in the future.)

Entering, you’ll find a long corridor with many rooms.

Is this the kitchen? You’ll find out when you actually visit, but there are surprisingly many rooms. It’s an unimaginable number of rooms for us commoners.

I visited in mid-February, and the plum blossoms in the garden had just started to bloom.

It’s said that the main building was destroyed in an air raid during World War II. Even so, it’s hard to imagine just how large this mansion was back then.

You can experience a unique blend of traditional Japanese tatami rooms and Western-style elements, evoking a nostalgic and charming atmosphere.

Recommended for those who appreciate architecture and the traditional Japanese ambiance.

By the mansion and the pine forest, there’s the sea stretching out, and you can see across to the Izu Peninsula. It’s quite a nice view.

It might be nice to stop by on your way to sightseeing in the Izu Peninsula.

To get to the Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park, you can take a bus from in front of JR Numazu Station.

You’ll take the bus labeled ‘Tabi‘ from bus stop number 3, and get off at the ‘Goyoutei‘ bus stop.

It’s just a short walk from there. The journey takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.The bus fare is 330 yen.

I almost forgot, but Numazu City is famous for its delicious sushi and dried fish.

Be sure to stop by Numazu Port and enjoy some fresh fish.


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