“Thank you for visiting ‘Me-nings.’

Here, I’d like to talk about the theme that our site operates on.”

Welcome to the homepage of ‘U.Kami,’ who loves photography, travel, cameras, and Japan.

In today’s world, anyone can easily share content through platforms like social media, YouTube, and blogs, resulting in a wide range of content, information, and creations.

While there is undoubtedly fantastic content out there, sometimes it feels like we come across photos, videos, or information that seem familiar or lack originality. This made me wonder where the content that truly resonates with people has gone.

Moreover, despite living in an era of diversity, I still feel that uniform values are widely prevalent.

With this blog, I aim to create a space for expressing my unique photographic style and sharing what I love. I’ve launched it as a part of diversity, saying, ‘Isn’t it great to have a blog like this?

I am the author.

「U .Kami」

I work in video production.

My hobbies include traveling, photography, playing musical instruments (bass guitar), fashion, and taking walks.

I’ve had quite a varied life path:

  • Started as a company employee (food retail)
  • Became a freelancer (musician in a band)
  • Worked as a non-regular employee (apparel sales at department stores)
  • Returned to being a company employee (education-related)
  • Had to drop out due to health issues
  • Became a freelance apparel coordinator (fashion-related)
  • Currently working as a video creator and photographer

Despite this somewhat turbulent journey, I’ve come to realize that having a core theme to live by allows for exploring various paths in life.

They say it’s the era of diversity, and that applies not only to how we work but also to various forms of expression like photography, videography, and fashion. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution; it’s about finding what works for you.

With this blog, I hope to share a bit of that diversity.

The content I will be sharing on this website includes

Spot@Japan“: I will introduce wonderful spots and landscapes in Japan where I live, with photos and text. I hope to attract foreign tourists who may have become tired of famous tourist destinations like Tokyo and Kyoto.

Trip@Overseas“: Essays with photos taken abroad by the author, who loves traveling overseas.

Study English“: This section will chronicle my efforts to become proficient in English. I am currently attending language school and studying independently, and I will share my struggles and thoughts on the importance of learning languages.

Camera“: Reviews of camera equipment by me, who enjoys photography and videography.

The shooting equipment I use

Olympus E-P7


All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction or use of the images featured on this website is strictly prohibited.


All rights reserved. Unauthorized use of the images featured on this website is strictly prohibited.