Toraya kobo Eating sweets with nature in Gotemba

Today, I’ll introduce you to my favorite spot in Gotemba that I’ve loved for over 10 years.

It’s the perfect place with Japanese sweets and a wonderful atmosphere!

Toraya Kobo, a famous traditional Japanese sweets shop near Mount Fuji

Japan has plenty of charming cafes and traditional sweet shops, but Toraya Kobo in Gotemba is a standout for its amazing atmosphere.

Even as a Japanese person, I find myself wanting to revisit this place time and time again.

The entrance has a traditional Japanese atmosphere.

Since I visited in February, there was still snow on the roof and ground.

Although Shizuoka Prefecture typically doesn’t receive much snowfall, areas near Mount Fuji like Gotemba can see some snow from time to time.

(However, compared to places like Scandinavia or Canada, it’s much warmer.)

We proceed through the beautiful bamboo grove.

During the winter months, it may be adorned with white snow like this, while spring and summer bring vibrant greenery.

My wife is also eagerly excited, seeking sweet treats! 😄

We can see the building of Toraya Kobo now.

The cherry blossoms are just starting to bloom, not in full bloom yet. It’s lucky to see cherry blossoms at this time of year!

As mentioned earlier, from late February to March, if you’re lucky, you can enjoy cherry blossoms, while from late spring to summer, you can enjoy lush greenery.

Depending on the year, you might be able to see autumn foliage from late November to early December, and in winter, if it snows, you can enjoy the contrast between the snow’s white and the bamboo’s green.

In essence, no matter when you come throughout the year, it’s always enjoyable.

Enjoying sweets amidst Japanese gardens and nature

Taking in the view of the Japanese garden from your seat is also wonderful. Oh, but before that, let’s order some green tea and Japanese sweets.

If you love sweet treats, I recommend Dorayaki, Oshiruko (sweet red bean soup), and Anmitsu.

For those who aren’t fond of sweets, trying Tokoroten might be a nice Japanese experience. Payment is made in advance.

Ordering it as a set with green tea is highly recommended. Shizuoka Prefecture is famous for its green tea, so please enjoy it with some delicious green tea.

The favorite snack of Doraemon, from the anime ‘Doraemon’ – Dorayaki. This time, I’ll order the limited edition ‘Brown Sugar Dorayaki’. 

It was incredibly delicious!😄

The menu may change slightly depending on the season.

This is Anmitsu. It has an elegant and delicate flavor, and I highly recommend it as well.

While enjoying green tea and traditional Japanese sweets, try to feel the serene ‘Zen’ atmosphere of the quiet garden.

Don’t forget, they’re closed on Tuesdays. It’s a bit tricky to get there by bus, so catching a taxi and asking for ‘Toraya Kobo’ is your best bet.

(This is how it looked when I visited in May. The greenery was beautiful.)

By all means, why not give it a visit when you’re near Mount Fuji?

I’ll continue to introduce some niche spots in Japan and Shizuoka Prefecture, so please keep reading!


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